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Partnering with my customers and clients, I listen to your vision and generate a practical solution. I always advocate for streamlined production and will champion your project through completion. No matter the number of components, single use or multi-channel, I ensure it looks its best and your message is clear, targeted and on brand.


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Need an expert at your press check, photoshoot or office? 


Let me ensure your imagery conveys its message and represents your organization correctly.

Conveniently located with access to Chicago and Milwaukee metropolitan areas for on-site production. Available to travel worldwide.

Projects can also be completed remotely with files being provided electronically.

what others are saying

Matthew is somebody I can trust to hand over a big project and let him run it from start to finish with minimal supervision. He takes great personal pride in sticking within the budget and always makes the deadline. In addition to his outstanding retouching skills, he’s got a solid photography and color management background. We have, on several occasions, handed him a camera, leaving him to calmly shoot his way out of our ridiculously tight deadlines, deadines leaving no room to shop for an outside photographer, much less book studio space. He has a good eye, good taste, and is a calming presence in our always pressure filled studio. I’d recommend Matthew for any retouching position, and am certain you’d feel lucky to have him.
— Jack Battiste (Studio Manager, Upshot)
Matthew worked with our Foundation to devise and execute a long term digital archive strategy - to digitize, color correct, retouch, and archive a subset of the collection, some 13,000 original pieces of artwork and related items. During the course of our project he managed to devise efficient workflows which resulted in meeting deadlines on time and with superlative results even as we had discovered and increased the quantity of work for him. Matthew demonstrates *as well as anybody I have met* an ability to work reliably and efficiently within a team or alone. He is a master Photoshop user and his creative skills extend solidly into design and A/V. He is a very fast learner and I feel confident he could quickly pick up new skills as needed in the publishing, image and A/V areas.
— John Martirano (Board Member, Martirano Foundation)
Matthew is highly qualified in Photoshop and is a master at color management. His photographic background combined with his CMYK experience makes him and excellent choice for any retouching, color or creative needs. He has performed flawlessly on several projects I hired him for and will hire him again when the need arises. He is diligent, hard working, easy to work with and understands the requirements of the project and can work with minimal direction.
— Cory Kay (Digital Department Manager, Active Graphics)
Matthew is a talented and detail-oriented individual who could raise the standard of any organization. His ability to adapt new technologies and integrate new systems into a workflow is second to none. He took a printing company known for it’s high regard for color accuracy to a new level by implementing and organizing the latest color-profiling methodologies, reducing the need for multiple proofs or added time to the production cycle. That, in addition to his photo-retouching and proficient application skills, makes him a triple threat in any environment that requires a true artisan. He would be an asset in any position he seeks.
— Evan Singer (Director of IT, Andres Imaging and Graphics)